DATA SECURITY Software by Rashi Infotech

Data Security Software

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Data Security Software serves anyone from SMBs to large Corporate Enterprises.

Product Details:

Data Security Software is a computer security tool that scans and audits all files and folders of your computer. It scans for as many vulnerabilities including protecting and repairing cross linked data files.

This software comes handy as it protects the Applications to get corrupt and repair the vulnerabilities from the application.

It stops the accidental data loss and protects the Operating System from getting crashed. It reduces all the risks by enabling itself when your computer starts  and protects the users data with high level of security.

This software can be used by Government, Military, Education, Telecommunications, Banking, Finance, and E-Commerce sectors, including many Fortune 500 companies.

Data Security Software offers a cost-effective, simple, scalable, and high availability security solution. As of now only developed for Windows platform.