What is BAAZCOP?

Employee Monitoring tools
Employee Monitoring tools

BAAZCOP is India’s No.1 Best Employee Monitoring tools that records, controls and saves unwanted computer activities & cyber crime with the help of this security tool. The only software system that restricts your employees carrying out illegal or personal activities in the office. Applicable to all businesses and industries of any size. Now control & manage employees doing unauthorized, unwanted & personal activities in the office.

This software records everything done in a PC/Laptop in multiple formats such as snapshots, images, HTML, PDF, audio, video, text, graphics, etc. Other features include are anti-hacking systems, restricting pen drives, seal USB output and trace digital evidence from the machine.

BAAZCOP (Computer Security Software) Highlights:

  • Employees’ activity monitoring
  • Employees’ activity recording
  • Restrictions on unwanted  activities
  • Control on employees’ activities
  • Elimination of data theft activity

Why BAAZCOP (Desktop Security Management)?

This improves the employees’ productivity and removes the risk of security breaches. But, hard evidence is vital to identify and prove the inefficiency of an employee. Keeping such situations in mind, BAAZCOP is designed to save all the recorded activities for future references. The Desktop Security management software is beneficial in the situation of employee disloyalty where saved activities act as evidence for any legal proceedings.

It monitors & records all activities of employees such as any type of activity like email received-sent, programs opened-used, text typed, websites visited, used social sites in office hours, confidential files like quotation, bills & buying price list tampered, changed, deleted, shared, data hacked, software or documents uploaded & downloaded, folders and files copied, stolen data, chat conversation, personal work is done in-office hours, games played, video CD/DVD watched, viruses entered purposely and all other major plus minor computer activities. It also records the conversation of employees confidentially within few miles.

With BAAZCOP, an employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can experience enhanced efficiency and increased output at work.

How does BAAZCOP (Employee Monitoring Software) work?

This software system works confidentially in the background without employees knowing about it. Technical experts, computer hackers or maintenance people can’t trace the existence of this software in their systems. It is very useful for companies and organizations that are facing problems of confidential data transfer, wastage of working hours, net surfing, online shopping and time spent on personal activities by their employees in all kinds of required formats.

With this software system, an employer can effectively monitor employees during their working hours and can experience enhanced efficiency and increased output at work. Simply put, it monitors, records and saves the captured data through software that keeps tracks of every activity including currently running applications, vulgar sites visiting, social websites visited, typed keystrokes, websites visited, list of the files uploaded/downloaded, opened or closed windows application, chat logs, internet activities and much more.. all with the help of one software, BAAZCOP.

Functions of BAAZCOP (Desktop Security Management software)

Monitors: Employees’ live and recorded activities without visiting their PCs or laptops Emails sent & received confidentially and check it live or from recorded data from anywhere. Free SMS alerts immediately in case of an unwanted activity done by employees. Various ways to check employees’ activities available in a confidential manner & from anywhere in the world.

Records: Activities of employees in the form of snapshots with date-time-user name details. Websites, social media & unwanted material watched by employees. All activities made using a keyboard & mouse. Copies of employees’ emails, chatting, internet search, data entries, etc in crystal clear formats. Employees’ internal conversation, speeches, conversations with customers in audio format.

Controls: Employees visiting vulgar sites, gaming, gambling, shopping & such other portals in office Allow employees visiting only required websites. Using certain hard disk drives, USB ports, pen drives, CD-DVD drives & external drives Using certain web level, system-level features & options and eliminates all types of data leakages from office computers.